Monday, July 28, 2008

Arloo....long time no see...

Lemme see....1 month?

Or was it 2?

Yeah, been missing from the blogosphere, playing dead somewhere in KL now X(

Been kinda busy actually, with brains saturated with thoughts and issues but no time to share it out here

Err, excuse moir...did I just said no time?

Hehehehe...lets just say I suck in time management for the moment while trying to sort things out in mind

I am penniless
I am hungry (cause I am broke)
I am bored (my uni is boring)
And I am tired (cause my uni is boring)

Am I seeking for your sympathy...NAH!

Just to tell you that I am very much alive in this dull city where everything is going at the pace of a false time continuum driven by money and extravagant desire of the mannequins

Which is kinda pathetic, yeah...kinda agree too....and I haven't got the time to update the lists there on the right ---------->

And I myself been very much slacking already, I lost my pace and I am in a heck of a mess - mentally, grades-ly, room-ly, writing-ly, report-ly, everything-ly lahhh

No more a schemer, but still a perfectionist sometimes...and somehow idolising the Joker from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight (Go watch that damn movie, it is damn freaking nice, and it damn cun and damn action-packed and damn the popcorns stuck to my teeth and damn the two gay middle-eastern boys speaking some kind damn language loudly in the cinema as if there was a damn invisible sound-proof walls in between us at a damn odd hours where I don't know what the their damn parents had in their damn mind that they are supposed to be sleeping on their damn bed that I just damn wished I could freaking screwed their damn heads but was unable too cause they were just damn not my childrens - DAMN! phew that's really anguish...never wonder what watchin Batman for 2 hours in the cinema could do to me...damn the Joker was caught and Heath Ledger was dead, not a damn sequel of the Joker vs Batman anymore...haihz, damn)

p/s The only thing that I really look forward is every Saturday evening, where me and close friends of mine will be joining a food-for-the-homeless programme to provide comfort to those living on the streets who are basically poor and hungry. Do reach me should you be interested, really hope to see you guys there lending a hand with us for the communal good of everyone.

Freaks to add to my lists, when I got the time:

  • Chia CC
  • Pearly
  • My imaginary friend
  • Kenny Kevin
  • ...uhm...forgot liow
  • Oh yeah...Richard
  • Joker (does anyone know his URL???)
  • KSK's new link
  • Tetle

Going to invade and mess up HarkaoSiumai deee... (go find the URL there yourself ----> , lazy to put its hyperlink here, the Dimsum Blog lahhh ) - after I finish my report lah

Why so serious....?