Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Return

My breathing is slow. So slow that I can count the rhythmic air being exhaled out and inhaled in. Maybe because I am feeling bored and devoid – or maybe I am feeling fatigued here. My senses are slowly turning numb, and I can feel every single pinch of the cold air like of the invisible nails extensions of the Empress Dowager.

After being absent from the blogging community for more than a year, I realized how different at the end of the day I have become. I am lonely, expressionless and not intellectual-satisfied. I miss sorely those hilarious entries, constant mind-bugging philosophies, heart-touching stories of struggles, provocative thoughts that manifest themselves from the worries and inner debates of mankind, and the ever-flowing ideas of bloggers around the world. I was then contented, and felt fulfilled.

My departure was abrupt due to studies, and so many things I have seen and learnt throughout the year I feel so bad that I am unable to share with many of my readers who might still be shadowed by oblivion. So now I am back, and I am thrilled to say this.

All my previous entries I have scrapped them off from the blog, I have the changed the layout and contents – to signify more of what I’ve become and to symbolise a leaf being turned over anew.

My thoughts might be more direct and offensive in some aspects now that I am more mature as my information reception recognises no boundaries, and people find me more complicated and perplexing than the Afghan-US war conspiracy itself – but it’s ok, I have learnt to accept that. At times, I am enraged – at times, I am saddened – at times I smile with joy over humanity’s stories – but this is who I am all along.

And this blog will be my voice, my expressions, my materialised imaginations. Let the words travel faster than light, let it be louder than a sonic boom, and let it overpower the nuclear bomb, and let it amplify the hopes that all of us hold dearest in our hearts.